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Schmiere Soft


Gomina for hair - minimum hardness

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"Schmiere" (read: shmeereh) means "grease" in german

The Schmiere "brilliance/ light" is perfect for light hold and glossy feathers - for your "feathers" always staying gorgeous and shiny!

Schmiere brilliance/ light is one of the most popular kinds of Schmiere. From now on it appears in a brandnew coat:
The expressive likeness of the Schmiere raven looks from a completely printed tin can.
Unique quality - Proven 140 ml content - Brandnew tin cans.

The "Schmiere - Pomade brilliance/ light" has a light hold. Its colour looks like berries, it smells fruity and reminds a little bit of raspberries and wild berries. The secret is the shot of "Ooby Dooby" which brings this one-and-only specific brilliance.
Made in Germany - Delivered in Schmiere's new tin can.

The creamy and soft consistency of "Schmiere - Pomade brilliance/ light" is perfectly suited to shape normal and fine hair to a slight pompadour. 

Even if you comb your hair tight back, you will be pleased with this "Schmiere"!
Once applied on the hair the "Schmiere" holds the whole day long without getting hard-dry. While making your hair hold all day long it stays flexible at the same time.
Beginners won't have difficulties to spread the pomade over their hair. Success will be achieved very quickly.
"Schmiere" can be washed-out very easily. Perfect for beginners or just for "in-between" if you're in a hurry.